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Benefits of Infrared Thermography in Home and Building Inspection

Thursday, March 22nd, 2012 | Buying a Home | No Comments

We get asked all the time “what is Infrared and do I really need it when I have my house inspected?”  Well, would you go to a medical doctor who did not use the latest technology to find what all may be wrong with you?  Same goes for a home inspector.  You want the most experienced home inspector using the latest technology who knows how to interpret and use the technology.  Basically, Infrared Thermography uses the same technology as the Infrared Thermometer to “map” out in a visual form the difference in temperature of surfaces.  This difference in temperature we call a “Delta T” is what allows IR Thermographers to sometimes see roof leaks, plumbing leaks, missing insulation, air leaks, etc that are not apparent to the “naked” or “unaided” eye.  Following is a short video explaining the benefits of using Infrared Thermography in Home and Building Inspections from the manufacturer of the camera we use: