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Energy Audits

Home Energy Audits & On-Site Energy Assessments

Whether it is a new home in the planning or construction stages or an existing home, a comprehensive home energy audit can provide clear guidance toward the most practical, cost-effective ways to maximize the home’s energy efficiency from a whole house perspective.

Our weatherization audits and home energy rating audits take into account all energy being used in the home including heating and cooling, water heating, major appliances and lighting.

During our site visits, we can verify that framing and insulation components are performing to their maximum potential using Infrared Camera Analysis. Infrared Camera Analysis helps us to target leaky areas of a home for improvements, ensuring a warmer home during the winter, and a cooler home during the summer months.

Homeowners receive on-site inspections as well as a computer-generated report detailing cost-effective home improvements that can dramatically increase the energy efficiency of the home.

Often sales persons will approach homeowners promising unbelievable energy reductions through the purchase of their products. As third party energy auditors, we do not sell or promote any specific brands, particular products or fuels, so you can rest assured that our audits are unbiased and will only recommend improvements that will pay-back in energy cost savings.

We use a calculation of the SIR (savings to investment ratio) in order to determine the most cost effective and valuable improvements. Often homeowners are surprised to find that low cost fixes are more energy efficient than more costly or expensive ones. For example, spending money on expensive improvements, like window upgrades, often is not cost effective from a SIR analysis point of view. The FHA recognizes and endorses using a RESNET professional energy rater to model a home and provide a Confirmed Energy Rating.

For more information on receiving an in-home energy audit please call 800 511 4880

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Accu-Spec Inspection Services, PC Logo - Knoxville TN Home Inspector
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