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How to Stop Flying Squirrels from Chewing on Your Log Home

Accu-Spec Inspection Services How To Stop Flying Squirrels From Chewing On Your Log HomeI have had a continuing problem with flying squirrels over the last several years.  They seem to like my home because it is a log home in a wooded setting near a large body of water.  I had posted about this problem before and recommended trapping and relocating them.  However, in my case at least, either new squirrels are showing up, or I cannot trap them all.  The problem was keeping me up at night, as I could hear chewing outside my home. For those who can’t sleep due to chewing at night, I want to share my newest all-natural solution to this problem.  It also works for other nocturnal flying mammals. 

I was visiting my niece and nephew’s home when my nephew showed me this video he used to entertain his kids.  It was a YouTube video of owls and crickets.  While I was listening to this, I thought to myself, I wonder if this could be used to attract owls to my property and help me with my squirrel problem. 

So, when I got home, I got my Bose speaker and placed it outside on my balcony deck, and Bluetooth connected it to my phone.  I then pulled up the YouTube video and played it during nighttime.  To my amazement, I had attracted an owl the second night, as I could hear it hooting back at the YouTube owl.  I continued to play my “Owl Concert” for a third night, and the other owl continued to hoot back at closer and closer range.  This night, I heard what sounded like something landing on my balcony deck, not once, but twice!  I have not seen or heard a squirrel since that night.  Now I sleep with a family of owls hooting during the night, but I rest assured that no squirrels will mess with my home tonight or any other night as long as the owls are on watch!

Please note: I used this strategy during October when many leaves had already fallen.  Fall is the best season to attract owls to your property as they can better see their prey with the leaves off the trees.  Also, when they find a good hunting ground, they will stay! 

So if you can’t sleep because of chewing sounds at night, play an “Owl Concert”, let nature do the hunting, and sleep well! 

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