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Infrared Thermography Inspections

Using Infrared technology inspectors can diagnose insulation and moisture problems using advanced technology to investigate building components by a less invasive means. We are Level 1 Infrared Thermographers with several years experience using Infrared Thermography, meaning we have taken the training necessary to understand and use this technology. It is a great tool that can potentially save a home buyer potential problems and heartache when used by a trained Thermographer. However, the technology does have it’s limits. For example, it should never be substituted for a top to bottom visual home inspection. We hear stories of some home inspectors using Infrared Thermography instead of entering a crawl space or attic to perform a visual inspection. This is not only a misuse of the technology, but a violation of the Tennessee Home Inspector Licensing Act. We use Infrared Thermography to aid us in being better inspectors, not as a substitute for doing our jobs with the proper due diligence.

Moisture intrusion visible using Infrared Camera in blue

Moisture intrusion not visible to naked eye.

Uninsulated soffit area in bright yellow on 1 year old house