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Log Homes, Wood Sided Homes and Carpenter Bees

Thursday, March 22nd, 2012 | Maintaining a Home | No Comments

It’s spring time and carpenter bees are everywhere! I have seen a lot of damage to wood sided and log homes caused by carpenter bees. Unfortunately, once they start to inhabit your home, they will come back year after year to the place they were hatched. Then, the wood peckers come calling, looking to feed on bee larvae, and cause even more significant damage. So what is the best way to treat for them? My answer is prevention. There are additives like “Bug Juice” and NBS 30 Insect Repellant that can be added to your stain prior to staining your home.

But what do you do about a current infestation? You can call a licensed pest control operator, or, if only a small area is affected, you can try this little trick I learned from Vince Palmere of Perma Chink Systems: Spray WD40 in the hole until you fill the hole to point you see WD40 coming back out, fill the hole with a small rock or balled up aluminum foil (the approximate size of the hole) and caulk the hole. I have tried it and it works!

Another product that you can try is called BeeGone™ Insecticide. If you are not ready to re-stain yet, this product is designed to be sprayed as a stand alone product. It’s main draw-back is being water soluble, it is not long lasting and has to be re-applied as needed to reduce the bee population. Of course, if you have hard to reach areas, or, a lot of damage, you will want to get a professional pest control operator involved. Then, when you re-stain, use the proper insecticide additive for your stain. Check with your stain manufacturer for the proper insecticide additive to use with their stain.