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Pool/Spa Inspections

Pool/Spa Inspections - Knoxville TN Home Inspector

Pool/Spa Inspections

We can inspect pools, hot tubs and spas while running to determine proper operation.

Pool Inspections

Swimming pools are a great addition to your humble abode. Many hours are spent with family and friends in this backyard oasis of yours. But, it can also be a dangerous area when precautionary measures and safety features are overlooked.  

A pool inspection is extremely important when purchasing a home. This inspection will look for safety concerns and maintenance issues that are crucial not only for your family but for others around your neighborhood. Schedule your Knoxville, TN Pool Inspection today!

What’s included in a Pool/Spa Inspection?

Safety features including secure fencing and latching are among the factors being evaluated during the inspection.

During the inspection, our inspectors will evaluate the pool systems, pool deck, and pool area for any defects and safety concerns. Furthermore, here are the important items we need to check:

1.    Fencing, gates, and protective equipment should meet legal requirements.

2.    Pool deck must be in operational condition.

3.    Pool drains are covered to keep people from getting their hair or limbs caught in the plumbing.

4.    Pool shell should have no visible defects.

5.    The pool pump and equipment should be functioning properly.

6.    GFCI should be properly installed and the electrical system must follow codes and standards.

7.    No leaking in pipes and fittings.

8.    Water is clear and algae-free.

9.    Pool light functionality.

10.  Surface condition (plaster, vinyl, fiberglass).

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