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Warranty Inspections

Warranty Inspections - Knoxville TN Home Inspector

Warranty Inspections

Most builders provide a one-year warranty for new construction. Generally during this period of time the buyer develops a “punch list“ of corrections for the contractor to repair under the warranty coverage. Some defects will not be obvious to the untrained eye. It is prudent to obtain our home inspectors list of items that will most likely be repaired by your builder at no cost to you. You will be reassured knowing that potential problems were addressed before they grew into something that could cost you a great deal down the road.

Builder’s Warranty Inspection

Most newly built homes come with a builder’s 1-year warranty for those homeowners who are living in a newly constructed home.  While many items are now concealed or covered, it’s not too late for defects to be found by the trained eye of our inspectors. Experience tells us that many major construction issues go unnoticed for 3-5 years and by this time, correcting these issues may cost thousands of dollars and the builder is no longer responsible… It is unfortunate that many of these issues go unnoticed until it’s too late and extensive damage has occurred.

When it’s time, Accu-Spec Home Inspection, PC will come out to your property in the 10th or 11th-month of your 1-Year Builder’s Warranty and perform a full assessment of your new home before the builder’s warranty expires. 

We will inspect the interior and exterior condition of the property with all of its components; electrical, structural, HVAC, plumbing, and any safety issues. A report will be generated following the inspection. The report will include photos and will identify any material defects found during the inspection. The homeowner can submit the report to the builder and take any necessary steps to hold the builder and his subcontractor to their warranties before the builder warranty expires. 

So give us a call at 865-658-1050 or Schedule Online and let us help you get the most out of your 1-Year Builder’s Warranty.

We look forward to working with you.

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