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Why Real Estate Agents Should Refer “ACI” ASHI Inspectors vs. A “Board Certified Master Inspector” From NACHI

Accu-Spec Inspection Services Why Real Estate Agents Should Refer “ACI” ASHI Inspectors Vs A “Board Certified Master Inspector” From NACHII hope to clear up some confusion about what a true certification as a home inspector is versus one that is more “marketing hype”.  As real estate agents, you want to present the most professional image to your clients and the public.  As part of that image, you want to surround yourself with reputable and reliable referral sources who are bonafide experts in their respective fields.  ASHI Home Inspectors are the “Gold Standard” for home inspectors and the “ACI” is the highest level of certification available to home inspectors.  The “Board Certified Master Inspector” certification may sound impressive, but it is little more than a paid-for certification.  There are no stringent requirements. Only you pay a fee and claim you meet minimal requirements.  The American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) is the only home inspector organization with a certification that The National Commission approves For Certifying Agencies.  This recognized ASHI’s profession-leading Certified Inspector Program had an accredited third-party accrediting association. ASHI IS THE ONLY ASSOCIATION OF HOME INSPECTORS THAT IS ABLE TO MEET THESE THIRD-PARTY VERIFICATION REQUIREMENTS!
There are a lot of good home inspectors in the greater Knoxville, TN area.  All are licensed (or should be) and most belong to some home inspector group.  But please don’t confuse “marketing hype” with true certifications.  Certifications that are easily bought and obtained are meaningless.  Real Estate agents assume some liability for the persons they refer to their clients.  You should dig a little deeper.  Do you want your image associated with persons who are good at “marketing hype”, or do you want your image associated with the most proficient, professional, and respectable home inspectors possible? More information about the ASHI ACI program is available at
As an ASHI ACI, former municipal building inspector, former building contractor, and SBCCI Code Certified “Chief Building Code Analyst” with over 21 years of experience in home and building inspections, we hope you will choose Accu-Spec Inspection Services, PC for your next home inspection.  But, as a minimum, look for the ASHI seal of approval for your next home inspector. It is the “Gold Standard”.

If you or someone you know is looking for a home inspector in Knoxville TN and surrounding cities, please be sure to consider Accu-Spec Inspection Services, PC. In addition, you can call 865-658-1050 or visit our website for more information.

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