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Why You Should Update Your Old Smoke Detectors to the New Photoelectric Smoke Detectors

Friday, January 24th, 2014 | Uncategorized | No Comments



This is a video that was made during a recent ASHI Inspection World Conference in Nashville, TN.  I’m talking about the difference between older “Ionization” and newer “Photoelectric” Smoke Detectors.  Photoelectric Smoke Detectors double your survival rate in the event of fire.

Although studies show ionization alarms are responsive in flaming fires, they often fail to detect immediately smoldering fires. In fact, the Smoke Characterization Project Technical Report, released by Underwriters Laboratories Inc. on behalf of The Fire Protection Research Foundation, found 91 percent of ionization alarms failed to trigger at all in smoldering fires.  Smoldering fires occur when a synthetic material like mattress foam and nylon carpet catch fire. They smolder instead of flaming up.  Most people don’t realize that smoke inhalation kills more people than the fire itself and therefore presents the most danger to you and your family. In addition, photoelectric alarms are less-susceptible to nuisance alarms—such as false alarms from cooking or showering.

The bottom line is that Photoelectric Smoke Detectors provide superior protection and at least double your survival rate in the event of a house fire.  We recommend that all homeowners replace their older “Ionization” type Smoke Detectors with new “Photoelectric” Smoke Detectors.  See www.ashi.org for more important safety information.